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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: May 23, 2016 8:18am
Forum: movies Subject: How's That. Again? - - - "arn't you's" - - - oh, Thas good

"This account was a contributor until informed by the admins that contributions were no longer necessary."

Say what ? ! ? !

Cheese an' crackers - - - - - shows what I know. mumble- - mumble - they don' tell me nutin - mumble - treat me like a Mushroom - - -allus keep me inna dark - - mumble - - - feed me poo - - - mumble - - - - 8-?

Missr John's contributions are already stored in the backup archives of the PBS and privately owned tv stations from whence they were gleaned.

If Missr John REALLY wanted to archive all his contributions (they're already on his own system), he could do what I have done. Rather than dumping his contributions into the incoming server, just put them on disk or a portable hard drive and MAIL (so-to-speak/type) them to Jeff an' company - - - - - IF the objective actually WAS archiving items for posterity. After what musta been 36 hundred contributions yesterday . . . . there was a lull and other contributors seem to be showing up; then there began another trickle-soon-to-be-flood from Missr John again.

(edit - paragraph moved here)
'member what I said 'bout a trikle becoming a flood? In 10 hours 745 items jus' this very morning.

Responding with links - - - well, I'm not capable of even copying much less recording links to files that come approximately every20 to 40 seconds. That kinda blast should be kinda obvious to anyone of/in authority that's watching the incoming server. Butttttt - - - Like Jeff sez, IA has limited resources and limited personnel.

But at least Missr John contributed actual items - - - not like the folk that sent auto-random-generated floods of 6.8 second items of his face or the contributor that dumped loads of unreadable snippets - - - or the latest suspect that has managed to send those items of a picture (jpg) as video files but were actually links to sommers else - with auto-generated random 'type', authorship, and contributor moniker(s).

I got no issues with saving for posterior, I jus' don' like bullies that abuse the privilege. Like when I was working, one of the other scientists was telling his wife that his latest SNAP card had arrove but at the work rather than home address. SNAP card? The man's making over 150 grand a year an' with his wife's income (a corporate CPA) they make over a quarter million a year - - - - and he's on FOOD STAMPS? That's not very nice.

I remember conversations from long past that IA was the place to store for future generations things that wouldn't be saved elsewhere - like the Library or just unavailable to us plebeians.

Thanks for not being angry with my observations.

I have no authority but I CAN observe.

BTW - - - I am a home-n'-family pipe-n'-fireside vest-n'-garden type (albeit a retired scientist type). I wear ROUND glasses and smoked a (BENT) pipe for 40+ years - - - 'till my heart attack - they made me quit. . . . ergo the round glasses an' bent pipe 'smiley' : 8-?


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